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    & Culture

    Giving insight in preparation for the journey. Bracing you for the culture shock.

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    Not your average tourist trip, we travel from the viewpoint of locals and expats in the country.

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    Knowing the language of your destination opens up doors to "off the beaten path" excursions.

Our Mission

The Lotus Scholars program provides authentic global cultural immersion experiences to youth. Lotus Scholars are empowered to increase their skills and knowledge through acquisition of a foreign language, increased global awareness, insightful cultural understanding and confidence building.

Our Vision

Our vision is for American youth to become more engaged global citizens through international experiences.

Why Lotus?

The lotus is a natural metaphor for our Lotus Scholars. They come of age in less than ideal conditions, but have the opportunity to thrive and add value to the global society we live in.

“A pristine waterlily undiscouraged by its surroundings … as it flowers and blooms brilliantly… despite and probably because of its origins.” ~ Jacquelene Close Moore

How We Travel

We believe in having authentic and enriching travel experiences. We travel in small groups with guides and chaperones selected based on their expatriate experience. In addition to the beaten path, we also introduce them to everyday life abroad from the viewpoint of locals and expatriates.


Our staff of "ex-expats" have learned, lived, and worked in their countries of expertise. They not only teach about language, but also about people and culture; sharing customs and authentic items that add tangible dimension to the instruction.

Get Involved

The Lotus Scholars program is possible with the support and involvement of staff and volunteers around the world. There are many ways to get involved. Contact us to share how you’d like to help.

Baltimore Youth Going Global

Send the inaugural group of Lotus Scholars to China!

Many of the country’s best high school students are entering top-tier universities with international travel experiences and foreign language ability already under their belt. However for most, that is an unfathomable option. We are an organization changing that reality.

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